A Simple Explanation of the Inner Journey

Every time I open WordPress, I am always expecting some form of creativity to lash out and hit me in the face to write a beautiful sonnet or say words that would make Hemingway blush.

That usually doesn’t happen.

I recently came across a blog post that changed someone’s life and somewhat mine. Basically the blogger, Antonia Harler, was in a similar situation that I am in. Recent Grad, tough market, but very high potential and expectations. She wrote a blog post explaining her qualifications, and sent it out to anyone and everyone. And it worked. She soon found a dozens of employers contacting her for interviews. She explains quite nicely:

That’s when I wrote the blog post that changed my life. I wrote from my heart and told people that I am worth hiring!  I had built up a meaningful social network and I reached out to them to help get the word out.  People like Mark Schaefer, Danny Brown, Stacey Hood, Shelly Kramer, and Kyle Lacy. Chris Brogan and Scott Monty also helped out.  In total I sent 20 Emails to people around the world. I explained my situation and asked for help. I needed my story to spread. It was a long shot, but I had nothing to lose.

And that is encouraging my friends, whether you are searching for a job or an employers, it helps to know that people are driven, and not everyone wants a job for the sake of having a job. 

Even myself, I cannot begin to explain the growth that I have seen in my own work ethic, goals, and knowledge of what I want to do. I came from being a lost 23 year old in December trying to explore a empty map to be where I am now. Regardless of my job situation, I am in a place that I want to be in. I have found a career path that is going to me make want to wake up everyday for what I will be doing, and that I could not be more ready for the challenge.

I have found myself indulging in the Public Relations World of Information; through daily newsletters, PDF’s, RSS feeds, and especially through some wonderful people such as Helen KnightMary Estes, and Nanette Schimpf. These have all been some of the most valuable sources of information for me and have helped me understand what I want to be known for, and what I am setting out to do.

You have to understand, 3 months ago I did not know much about Public Relations, let alone it was a possible path for me. I was somewhat lost dealing with what my future would hold, but I was driven and determined to find my niche, my potential -better yet – ME. So I set out meeting with whomever was willing, sent out as many cold call and emails I could manage, and called anyone that was even mentioned in a conversation. When I met with the Communications Department at Florida State, I could not believe I did not know about this before. All I could think about as I found the absolute pinnacle of my searches was How did I know about this before! Oh my goodness, this is ME! I am good at all of this! And I love to do it! And I want to! 

From there on I set about meeting with more people in PR, and began reading whatever I could find and whatever I could listen on PR. PR theory, Social Media trends, and the Fundamentals of PR Planning – you name it, I devoured it.

But I want to set all of this in motion, and I continue to look back at the past 3 months and look at what I have accomplished, and I could even shed a tear – but I know there is still so much to be done. All I can say is thank goodness I am driven, or I would be settling for a very mediocre future.

So here is a list that I would like to think as a before/after list, but more in the sense that many of these things 3 months ago I never thought about/never knew about are things that I learned about, was suggested to do, or simply my own initiative.

  • Dressing Professionally:  –  Okay, so not much to you maybe, but coming from what I looked like before (Long hair, beard, and always basketball shorts), I set out to be professional in whatever I do, and always make an impression.
  • The Many Many Contacts:   –  Since April I have grown a network of 2 souls to over 45 people that I have contacted and conversed with in some way shape or form concerning PR, Communications, or simply the Job Market in General. I have learned the art of Networking, and I am always confident in meeting face to face with anyone. Could be the very expressive Italian genes in me, but I am confident in my people skills.
  • The Need for Help:  –   At 23, many of us still have somewhat of an impression of invulnerability, but I have been able to have many of my contacts and peers assist me in resume revisions, writing assistance, and even help with Web Site Deveolpment.  I know I have loads of potential in PR – the more I read about it, hear about it, or apply it, the more I fall in love with it. But lets take the analogy of a baseball player with an incredible knack for hitting the stem off a ball, but he has never had too much help with his swing. You know he has the potential, but just needs a little refining.
  • Spare 30 Seconds?  –   I was never a fan of that 30 second pitch that you have to give to that one person that says “so tell me about yourself?”. Once again, I come from an Italian background, and the question is always longer than 30 seconds. But my journey to what I want to do and who I am has helped me gain a strong idea of what I can offer and what my strengths are.
  • A Blog, a Twitter, and a Lending Hand: Okay, I have never been a fan of blogs – thanks to my time in High School with the very popular Xanga Blog. Not to go into much detail, but remember those “100 questions about myself!” viral messages? Sadly, I was a part of that once upon a time. And Twitter never really struck me as professional. I will always remember a Conan O’Brien segment of “In the Year 3000” that always was near and dear to my heart:

In the Year 3000, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook will combine into one mega social media machine called ‘YouTwitFace’!

But I have done my research, and once again, doing what is necessary to be successful in whatever comes my way. I am learning the ways of PR Twitter, the Blog and it’s qualities, and Social Media in the PR world. It goes with my creativity to do this, and I have been having fun thus far. I even helped out the Non-Profit Organization Candlelighters of Brevard with their social media content, outlining a effective strategy for their website, Facebook, and offering to help set up a twitter account and blog. (if you would like to see my outline and analysis of their website, I would be happy to show you)

There is so much more, but for the sake of a blog post, I feel good ending here. Oh and one more thing: I realized that through the years I have made so many various videos for so many different people or groups, and more often than not, I wrote, created, produced, and edited them. So I am setting up a Youtube account to showcase these beautiful creations of mine. And I think I can end with my latest project: Somebody to Love. Simple background on the movie – It was for a Skit Night for the Catholic Student Union at Florida State University. And the video content? One day I was driving along and Somebody to Love by Queen came on the radio, and I kid you not this entire montage entered my head. And I finally, finally, got a chance to make it. Oh and it took 2 days to do everything for it.

Alrighty, Have a good night, and please enjoy.


About thomaspuglia

Thomas is a Graduate of Florida State University and pursuing a life in PR/Marketing. A passion for people and a slight obsession for soccer, Thomas is volunteering as the Public Relations Coordinator for The Children's Hunger Project in Melbourne, FL. What does the future hold for this young professional? A life in Tampa with an amazing career ahead of him. View all posts by thomaspuglia

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