Thrown Into The Fire

There is always some song titles that despite their potential for triteness are the best way to sum up one’s current events. I am going to have to use “What a Difference a Day Made” for myself.

What a difference a day made 
Twenty-four little hours 
Brought the sun and the flowers 
Where there used to be rain 

And speaking of change, I found my old website that I used to “blog on” when I was in High School. Through going through old posts, it occurred to me that 1) how pitiful we all were in High School, and 2) how blogs have changed since then for the blogger, especially from the Student to the Professional. Allow me to explain the change:

The High School Blogger (HSB),writes a blog, and what ever is written down usually stems from the most recent thought on the HSB’s mind.

The Professional Blogger (PB) writes for something purposeful, usually attempting to answer a question, explain a problem, or describe a situation.

The poor, sad, High School Blogger writes exclusively about himself. Post’s are geared toward the events of a given day, week, or an update from the most recent post. It is usually accompanied with a “What a I am listening to” headline.

The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most – Dashboard Confessional 

I can’t believe  I had to eat a salad at lunch today. It wasn’t fun and Mike was so funny when he threw the Milk Carton at Sara. Oh my goodness she was upset. Oh and what else happened? Oh yeah we went bowling yesterday and i scored a 100, and mike got pissed. I can’t believe summer is almost here! gosh I hate Geometry.

The Professional Blogger desires to tell a story, and to entertain the reader – even if the blog may be about a personal experience, the rhythm of the blog tends to stay away from sounding like catching up with Grandma on the phone.

The High School Blogger will ALWAYS write in a indirect fashion for that “someone” to notice – every post is a vain hope for that someone to realize that you are actually writing about them, and it’s time they call you.

What a day – what was she doing there? I only want to show her the world, does she even notice me? I am trying so hard, and I am still so invisible. What else can I do.

This never worked.

The Professional Blogger writes to be respected and to be followed – he already has a group of subscribers, and he hopes that a colleague of his will notice his post and happily reuse it in his own blog, or join in a cheerful discussion of the subject matter at hand.

The High School Blogger writes for comments – Every word that is used is an attempt for comments from friends and those in his circle. There is no other purpose for the post but for encouragement and compliment. This can be done through such posts as the “Nobody cares about me” method, which intends for comments such as:

No your the best! 

Keep your chin up, we all love you!

– Or, the “Look what I know/have done” method. This is simply stating information that was recently read by the HSB, and the HSB believes this information will impress his friends and show how genuine cool he is. Most of this is copied in its entirety from the source.

The Professional Blogger writes for comments – and nothing else. Yes this is the denominal value of the Blog – but the hope lies that this is done in a more professional matter. Hope.

If you are in charge of online content of your organization, and you are still in the mindset that a blog will always be that of the HSB – you need to change your view immediately. The incredible potential for Blogs, Twitter, and Facebook for a organization is nearly limitless if done correctly.

The opportunity exists now to be personal to your clients through Social Media. Now you can show that you and your company are more than just what you sell – and people respond to this. And that leads to the other significant feature of Social Media – Instant Feedback. Take a look at ESPN’s 1st and 10 segment – they use Facebook to allow their users to choose what they will discuss next. Each pundit has a twitter account, and the viewer feels closer than ever to the interaction on their Television.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at some PB’s way more experienced in Social Media, who can help you using Social Media in a Crisis, and even you don’t see it coming, Social Media is the next Communication Frontier.

Is it slightly depressing that we live in a time when sitting at a computer is considered an important tool to be personal? Yes. Do more and more people get sucked into Social Media and forget that this is not the Matrix? Yes. But can it be useful, despite the growing number of media platforms that must be used, and the growing number of realizations that all of this means that you have to spend more time sitting at a computer? Of course it is.

But please do not forget that calling someone on the phone meeting someone in person is the most effective way of communicating. Yes, Social Media is great for the Professional, but really, interact with your significant others from time to time. And ask how they are doing. It does wonders for relationships.


About thomaspuglia

Thomas is a Graduate of Florida State University and pursuing a life in PR/Marketing. A passion for people and a slight obsession for soccer, Thomas is volunteering as the Public Relations Coordinator for The Children's Hunger Project in Melbourne, FL. What does the future hold for this young professional? A life in Tampa with an amazing career ahead of him. View all posts by thomaspuglia

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