9 Vistas

9 views. I have made it to 9 views in one day for this new creation blog of mine. Does that sound vaguely desperate? Whichever way you take it, just know that the original advice to start my own blog was followed with “it’s not like anyone will read it in the beginning anyways”.  And I don’t mean that in a “no one cares about you” sort of depressing way either. Think about it:  I am 1 of 358,431 bloggers on WordPress, and last time I checked, I have not made much headway on BBC. So logically speaking, there is going to be a beginning stage to this blog. Thus 9 views in one day is going to catch my eye at this point in time. Now asking who they are is more geared to asking who that “secret admirer” was in High School.

Hopefully by now those 9 of you who are reading this now already know the purpose of this blog – It is my effort to showcase myself and what I know to you, and for you to become part of my own journey of entering the life of Public Relations. If you are a regular reader – welcome and keep becoming part of that “we”.

If you are that Employer or Manager that is attempting to determine my worth through my Social Media- well what can I do for you? (For the regular readers here –  check your own social media, because 89% of companies will be using your Social Media to determine whether or not to hire you)


Back to the regulars here – Yes this means that YOU are going to refine your Social Media to near perfection.

But even if you set up your Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook, and whatever else you could possibly think of – it is important to remember that you are not using these for the “pure social interaction” anymore. It can seem a bit narcissistic to have so many different accounts in which you are the main feature (and time consuming), but having the outlook that all of it is your online portfolio lets you get over the High School notion of Social Media. Yes I had Myspace in High School – and seeing profile after profile of idiotic nonsense – you question the benefit of having one. (I confess, my profile name was “Dark Night of the Soul” – but it was quoted after St. John of the Cross so you can judging…slightly) Yet Social Media is now a major factor in not only networking, but branding yourself, and it is now attached to your resume.

So the notion of having the “Professional” Twitter account (It still boggles me that ‘Twitter’ is the best name they came up with) all of a sudden does not seem so callow. Especially when you cannot post some of the things you would have back in High School. You are not hidden under the username ‘Danewyorker2444’ or ‘Sport_parade222’ anymore – now its all you under that comment. What I post online now is synonymous with the picture of myself in my tie (albeit a rather nice look), and now I have become my own Professional Public Relations manager, attempting to brand my client (me) to the public and effectively communicate his(my) goals and image.

So if you are that Undergraduate who swore never to use Social Media because you are “above that nonsense” – welcome to your wake up call. It does not make you anymore worldly to have a Twitter account, and you can be just as unique and “above” as you were before. Granted, if your Twitter is filled with nonsensical posts of your excitement of what you are going to read when you eat today, then maybe you might have slipped a little.


About thomaspuglia

Thomas is a Graduate of Florida State University and pursuing a life in PR/Marketing. A passion for people and a slight obsession for soccer, Thomas is volunteering as the Public Relations Coordinator for The Children's Hunger Project in Melbourne, FL. What does the future hold for this young professional? A life in Tampa with an amazing career ahead of him. View all posts by thomaspuglia

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