Journalism and The Art

This won’t be a long one – just trying to keep the blog afloat, and apologies for the long delay in a post.

My goodness, when you do not have much of a theme for a blog, the creative juices don’t seem to flow, do they? My consumption of time has actually been the opposite of writing lately – getting into the profound resources of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, PRdaily, and my favorite – The Run of Play. All of these sites are the pinnacle of the art of writing; despite the printed word losing it’s identity in the social media takeover, and the stereotypical view of all online material is a mess of bad grammar, it is comforting to read upscale content nonetheless.

I see these sources of information the same way as I see Lionel Messi play soccer – that consistent feeling of “I want to be that!”. When you watch the Miami Heat, or the Green Bay Packers, you are watching talent on the highest level, something that leaves all spectators in delusion and envy. And yet, the craft of putting together a simple article should be seen through the same lens as the immortals of the field. You can take a writing class, major in English, and take to a tutor, but without that same fold of gene of creativity, you will be found wanting in terms of capturing an audience the same way that Michael Jordan would.

And this is why my infatuation has grown for the craft of writing – for the simple realization that it is as much as a marvel as an event that can fill a stadium of 80,000 fans strong. It is more than being an expert in their field of work – there is an element manifested that is outside the boundaries of repetitive drill and patterns. For the soccer midfielder, the difference between the elite and the ordinary of the position is his ability to create something that is not found in a chart or practice scheme. It is as if he is gazing into the future and making decisions that are only for what is going to happen, not keeping possession alive and doing only what is required. He is the link, the balance, the catalyst that makes the difference between a setting up a corner or putting the ball in the back of the net.

This is no different for the crafted writer. The context, the content, the link between a worthwhile read or a pause for appreciation.

It is time to enjoy some Take Out, so I will leave with the challenge to marvel at the giants of writing sphere, those individuals who possess what others can only fathom.



About thomaspuglia

Thomas is a Graduate of Florida State University and pursuing a life in PR/Marketing. A passion for people and a slight obsession for soccer, Thomas is volunteering as the Public Relations Coordinator for The Children's Hunger Project in Melbourne, FL. What does the future hold for this young professional? A life in Tampa with an amazing career ahead of him. View all posts by thomaspuglia

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