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End and Beginning (Or) We Begin our Story…

How do you begin a story without a solid beginning?

If you happen to be setting your sights on this, the first post of a promising story – well thank you very much.

If you happened to Google “Pasta dishes from Puglia”, or simply have a friend named Thomas that you mistaken this blog to represent, then allow me to outline what you (we?) are embarking on:

How does the average 23 year old who graduated along with 50,000 strong find a way to create their own voice, set a vision in motion, and dare I say “make it”?

Hopefully through what will be the many attempts of enlightening you, the readers, to certain trends and issues in the Public Relations Sphere, especially highlight revenant issues for the young and fresh of us (Just like that! Easy, right?), and how in the world to digest it. So as I continue to get a better grasp on the world of blogging, the more this blog will present itself with interesting content.

Oh, but not to dread: I am sure we will touch on my own questions and thoughts that are worthy of the blogging world, such as why in the world do I find Panera a perfect place to study? (But this for another post)

And without a doubt, I am sure that the glory of Soccer will find itself as a repeating topic matter.(Word of Note: I speak about a Culture of Soccer and how dramatically it is relevant to understanding ourselves, seeĀ here)

However the topic presents itself, I hope to bring you, the reader, a source of content that is stimulating enough to come back too and become part of the “we” on this blog. And to define the “we” that I continue to write, think of this blog as my own story that I have asked you, the reader, to walk aside. Sounds good? Wonderful.